Kamikaze Collection is a revolutionary range of high-end
boutique car care products designed and manufactured in
Japan, home of ceramic coatings. Combining state-of-the-art
technology with traditional know-how, Kamikaze Collection 
prides itself on delivering truly innovative and unique products
without the typically associated hype. Employing the ‘kaizen’
approach, Kamikaze Collection focuses on continuous
improvement to ensure their customers benefit from products
that really do add value.
As certified detailer we are offering ENREI Coat, a two-step
sealant that combines organic and inorganic elements to 
provide superior protection from chemical and environmental
contamination whilst delivering a candy-gloss shine.
ISM PRO Hydrocarbon Coating is a revolutionary, all-new formulation available only to Kamikaze Collection Certified Detailers. Using newly developed technologies ISM PRO combines high quality, German-sourced elements with Kamikaze Collections ultra-low molecular weight hydrocarbon ingredients to produce a coating with extreme water repelling properties. The ingredients are optically clear, so the result is a stunning, superior shine surpassed only by ENREI Coat.
Kamikaze Collection Miyabi coating in the Japanese language,
the word "Miyabe" represents an aesthetic ideal of elegance and refinement, and this ceramic coating certainly provides that!
Kamikaze Collection Miyabi Coat contains smaller molecules than the average glass coat sealant, making it is less prone to water spotting. The high silica dioxide content provides durable protection and an amazingly clear, brilliant shine to any colour paintwork.
Kamikaze Collection Infinyti Wax Hybrid.
If you love the gloss that only traditional carnauba waxes can provide, but need the durability of a ceramic coating, then Infinity Wax is the perfect solution. A blend of high-quality carnauba and ceramic coating, Infinity Wax delivers a high gloss durable shine. In tests, washing up liquid, neat degreasers and a pH11 alkaline failed to remove this hybrid coating!
Kamikaze Collection STANCE Rim Coat.
Alloy wheels are expensive components of modern vehicles and their condition can affect the overall appearance of the car. It is, therefore, essential to ensure they are cleaned regularly and protected against the potentially damaging effects of industrial and chemical fallout. Dirty water, grime and oils adhere to wheel lacquer and quickly become baked on. Brake dust particles can be even more damaging as they bond while hot and begin oxidising quickly. These particles expand as they oxidise and left in situ can cause pitting on the surface of the wheel. Using state-of-the-art technology, Stance Rim Coat combines unique components that, once cured, form a slick, heat resistant barrier that repels water, dirt, oils and grime as well as inhibiting the build-up of brake dust. Treated rims maintain gloss and are easier to clean during the weekly wash.
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